16 Ottobre 2021

ESC-tension 2nd project meeting in Malaga

On 15 October 2021 the University of Malaga organised the second meeting of the ESC-tension project, thanks to the coordination of the Business Organisation lecturer, Ana María Castillo. The partners from Italy, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, and Spain were able to join it physically with one representative at least, whereas the German partners followed the meeting remotely.

This project, which has been developed through monthly virtual meetings until now, is approaching the end of its first year with relevant results. Among the outcomes presented in Malaga, the most outstanding one is the Profiling Tool created to collect information on the current and potential use of physical cards for student identification, campus services, educational platforms, administrative procedures, etc., as well as on the technological supports on which it is based, to enable HEIs to evaluate their current as-is scenario and their wished to-be scenario with respect to the ESC level of integration. The final version of this tool is now available to the public on the Profiling Tool page.

The meeting was an important opportunity to share relevant updates among the ESC-tension partnership and with the major stakeholders and representatives of the international projects related to the digital recognition of the students in Europe, as - for instance - the CNOUS, leader of the ESC project (European Student Card) and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, coordinator of the EDSSI L2 project (European Digital Student Service Infrastructure Level 2), kicked off in September 2021.

ESC-tension 2nd project meeting in Malaga
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