6 Ottobre 2021

Latest project updates!

The ESC-tension project goes towards the end of its first year and further relevant outcomes are getting real.

The online Profiling Tool has recently been implemented and is now ready to be presented during the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Malaga in October. After the approval by the partnership, the tool in its final version will be made accessible to the public and published on soon.

The structure of the Profiling Tool has been finetuned and is described in the new Matrix & Profiling Tool document, now available in its 1.1 version.

Last but not least, the ESC-tension platform is enriched by a new “Users” area for Higher Education Institutions and all relevant stakeholders: there, they can register to access the advanced features of the tools that will be developed during the project. In addition to that, the section will also be useful to constantly stay up-to-date about the project developments, events and activities.

Stay tuned and do not miss the upcoming news!

Latest project updates!
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