25 June 2021

The ESC-tension project publishes its Profiling Tool

The ESC-tension project has recently published its Profiling Tool: go check it out on ESC-tension, on the Outputs page. The document describes the entire structure of the interactive online self-assessment tool based on the ESC-tension Multidimensional Matrix, which will be made available on the platform soon. The tool will allow the HEIs to depict their as-is scenario concerning organizational and technological aspects of the campus cards in use and their current compliance level with the European Student Card standards.

This tool represents the first milestone of the ESC-tension project, which will be available in 5 languages on the respective ESC-tension national platforms: thanks to the interaction with the other tools that will be delivered soon and that are addressed to the to-be scenarios, the HEIs will be able to identify the next steps to take towards the desired context for the adoption of the ESC and the adaption of the related offered services.

The online Profiling Tool is currently facing an experimentation phase: it will be issued after the next project meeting taking place in Malaga in October 2021.

Stay tuned!

The ESC-tension project publishes its Profiling Tool
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