Better understanding of the benefits and functionality of the ESC

Access to the portal that maps the services available through the ESC

Better understanding and access to the on-campus services abroad

Thanks to the ESC-tension platform, students are able to understand the benefits and the functionality of the European Student Card. At the same time, they can access the portal to map the services available through the ESC in all the HEIs that will adopt the ESC-tension tools.


The mobility experience is improved, thanks to the solid and reliable mechanism of student data exchange and authentication enabled by the ESC. This translates into a significant reduction of the administrative burden, increasingly shifting from bureaucracy to paperless. Students can easily access the on-campus services when abroad, as they do in their home institution. Furthermore, the adoption and the extension of the ESC further streamlines mobility and facilitate integration among students, raising awareness about the simple and non-intrusive mechanism that can be adapted taking into account the national and institutional context.


The ESC-tension project aims at making the students aware of the ESC and the advantages it could bring them when abroad. As a consequence, students unions and associations could contribute putting pressure on the institutions to adopt the ESC.

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